What it Takes to Succeed

Here are the background and skills you’ll need to become a successful Remedy franchise owner

Whether you’re specifically looking to start a staffing agency or you’re looking for the right franchise investment in any industry, Remedy Intelligent Staffing offers a solution for sales-oriented entrepreneurs.

Our existing franchise owners come from a wide range of backgrounds. With Remedy, they found a platform that could leverage their existing skills and their entrepreneurial ambitions into a scalable business.

Background and skills

You don’t need any experience in the staffing industry to be a successful Remedy franchise owner. Over five decades in the business, we’ve developed training and processes that can get new franchisees up to speed quickly, as well as tools that mean your day-to-day can focus more on business development and interfacing with clients. Our successful franchisees come from a wide range of backgrounds, from CPAs to managers to salespeople.

What matters more are the skills you bring to the table. Sales skills, networking and experience building successful client relationships are key; our systems and support help you set up your operations, but strong business development comes from finding and connecting with business owners and hiring managers in your community, with companies both large and small.

The most important skills for a Remedy franchise owner:

  • Sales and marketing
  • Solution-selling approach
  • Business acumen
  • Networking and community involvement
  • Flexibility and responsiveness
  • Team management
  • Strong customer relationship-building skills

“It is a people business. You have to be a mover and a shaker. You need to get out there and mix it up and get in the community and get involved,” says multi-unit franchise owner Jay Pichard. “Capturing market share is different in every market; it has its own little individual nuances.”

Success also requires a focus on growth and business development. The temporary staffing industry continues to grow at a tremendous rate while remaining fragmented among many competitors. That means the upside is there for skilled entrepreneurs who are able to set themselves apart and help clients understand the value they bring.

What current Remedy franchise owners say

“What I enjoy most about being a business owner is probably the opportunity to not make the same amount of money each month, and I think that probably scares half the people in the country away from being a business owner. I wanted the opportunity to control my own destiny. I’m a Certified Public Accountant, so based on my background there were lots of ways to analyze the business opportunity, but one in particular was how leverageable the business was. There’s not a big upfront capital investment like a restaurant, but the opportunity to quickly grow the business from one location was very enticing. The return on investment to me was a lot higher than more capital-intensive businesses.”

– Brian Rose, multi-unit Remedy franchise owner in Florida and Kansas

“We have 55 staffing agencies in Lexington, KY, so there’s lots of competition and this business changes quite often. Keeping yourself fresh and up-to-date and knowing what types of technology you need to use to push forward is a bonus of being in a franchise organization. Remedy offers me support in every different avenue of my business and has people at the helm investing in and developing those tools and services. We’ve increased our volume greatly because in our market, we’ve created our brand around what we do best, which is get people to clients faster than anybody else in town.”

– Lynn Braker, Remedy franchise owner in Lexington, KY

 “To succeed as a franchise owner, you have to be in tune with your business, you have to be involved, be engaged. This is a career, this is everything. The ability to partner with the national organization while still forging your own path in your market makes it very appealing. We have the opportunity to place people into good jobs and to affect lives every single day of the week. Being able to provide for those people is just extremely rewarding.”

– Jim Holwerda, multi-unit Remedy franchise owner in Wisconsin

“To succeed, you cannot be afraid of work. Being a business owner means being the face of my business and being able to get out there and make connections and network everywhere I can. You need to go in with eyes wide open and expect the unexpected, because we are dealing with people. But I cannot see myself doing anything else. I love what I do, even after two decades.”

– Jay Pichard, multi-unit Remedy franchise owner in Florida, and Alabama.

“If you’re looking to start a business in staffing, opening a Remedy franchise means the foundation’s already laid for you. The marketing’s already in place. Legal’s in place. The software is in place. They’ve done the trial and error. If you’re ready to hit the ground running, I would go with Remedy.”

– Joy Deehan, Remedy franchise owner in Tucson, AZ


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