The Size of the Staffing Industry

Staffing industry demand achieving record highs

The state of the staffing industry is strong, as companies large and small transition to flexible workforces that allow them to better meet the challenges of a rapidly changing economy. That increased demand has helped the industry grow to record levels while greatly outpacing the economy as a whole.

Staffing industry revenues total $167 billion

Remedy franchise owners provide clerical, administrative and industrial staffing, segments which represent nearly two-thirds of the industry. With more than 50 years of recruiting and selection expertise, 40 franchisees and 139 locations nationwide, Remedy is a premier brand with a strong reputation for quality.

We are an indispensable resource for businesses as they begin to rely more on temporary and contract workers for numerous reasons, including filling temporary vacancies, supporting special projects or ramping up for seasonal busy periods.

According to the American Staffing Association, “Since the recovery began in July 2009, staffing employment has been growing three and a half times faster than the economy and seven times more rapidly than overall employment.”

“Given what’s happening in the economy, with more and more employers turning to contingent and flexible workforces, there is tremendous opportunity for growth in the long term,” says EmployBridge Executive VP and CFO Chi Nguyen.

Our industry serves the entire population

One of the strongest factors in our industry’s growth is the fact that franchise owners can essentially work with the entire population through the two distinct audiences they serve: employers and associates.

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“We’re unlike most businesses that have a limited number of clients they can sell to,” says Remedy President Steve Mills. “We potentially can do business with every single commercial entity in the country. Then on the other side of the equation, we work with associates. In 2018, EmployBridge issued almost half a million W-2s. That makes us one of the largest employers in the country. Our job is to take that client population and that amazing talent pool and put them together.”


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