How Much Can I Make as a Remedy Owner?

See the staffing agency revenue reported by current Remedy franchise owners

Looking for an investment with outstanding ROI and strong potential for recurring revenue? Remedy might be the right option for you.

While we can’t predict your staffing agency’s revenue if you become a Remedy owner, we can show you data representing the past performance of current owners, as reported in our Franchise Disclosure Document. The figures below represent the historic financial performance representation of Remedy Intelligent Staffing and Westaff franchise owners whose branches were open and operating during the entirety of the 2018 Fiscal Year.

Since Remedy supports franchisees by handling billing and accounts receivable, it’s helpful to think of the gross margins as “Franchisee Revenue.”

How much do Remedy franchise owners make?

Franchises with a single location

Median Gross Billings: $3,202,094

Median Gross Margin: $615,383

Franchises with multiple locations

Median Gross Billings: $10,921,212

Median Gross Margin: $1,993,674

Source: 2019 Remedy Intelligent Staffing Franchise Disclosure Document

Download our Franchise Information Report for a complete list of the gross billings, gross margins and gross margin percent achieved by each of our 54 franchise regions in 2018, as reported in our Franchise Disclosure Document.

Recurring revenue, payroll coverage and client retention

The opportunity for recurring revenue is a core advantage of our recruitment franchise’s business model. Satisfied clients also feed further growth in multiple ways, as they look to you for staffing needs in other departments and also become success stories that can help you win new clients. Our model helps you take on that additional business without significantly increasing your overhead.

Remedy covers the payroll costs for temporary employees, so franchisees are only responsible for indirect labor expenses such as staff, rent and the other general costs of managing an office. That also means that rising labor costs in the market at large won’t put a strain on your margins.

85% Client Retention Rate;

Our top 10 clients have an average tenure of nine years.

“Great business is business you can keep and sustain for years,” says EmployBridge CEO Tom Bickes. “You grow a business by winning business, servicing it well and going and winning more by talking about the stories of what you’ve done.”

Keep more of what you make with our margin-sharing model

The Remedy Intelligent Staffing model works a little differently from most franchise systems – instead of basing a royalty on your top-line revenues, we share the gross margin generated from the clients. And as your revenue increases, your share of the margin increases, too.

“If you look at the key aspects of our model, we’re first and foremost a funding source for our franchisees,” says Remedy President Steve Mills. “We pay the temporary workers, we invoice the clients, we collect that debt and we forward the gross margin collection to our franchisees.”

That makes for a number of advantages for Remedy franchisees:

  • Predictable cash flow
  • Less risk incurred by the franchisee
  • Sliding margin scale means as you make more money, you keep more money


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