Our Recruitment Agency Business Model

We have a strong business plan and extensive operational support for franchisees

The staffing business involves a lot of moving parts. Our recruitment agency business model offers managed complexity – the ability to operate a complicated business in a streamlined, efficient way.

What you do

Your main role as a franchise owner will be to handle the people side of the business. That includes earning new clients and building lasting relationships with them; recruiting and screening associates; administering customer service to both groups; hiring and developing your internal staff; and developing your brand as a trusted resource in the business community. Sales skills, networking and adaptability are key traits for successful franchisees.

“People buy from people. When you take a look at our franchise owners, they are best in class,” says EmployBridge CEO Tom Bickes. “These are folks that are actively involved in their community, they care about their business, they care about their staff and they care about the clients and associates they’re serving. If you can ultimately stay true to your values, you have a great culture, and if you have a great culture, you’ll attract talent, you’ll attract clients and you’ll attract sustainable business.”

What we do

Since your job as a franchise owner will be primarily centered around customer service and growing the business, Remedy has support for just about everything you’ll need on the operational end. That provides a huge advantage to joining our brand versus trying to figure out your own staffing agency business plan.

“When you connect up with Remedy and EmployBridge, we have the scale to invest in technology, to invest in training, to invest in people, and that gets passed along to our franchise owners,” says Bickes. “We help you gain a competitive advantage.”

One of the biggest advantages of owning a Remedy franchise is the fact that we fully fund the payroll of your associates and handle collections from your clients. That greatly reduces your level of financial risk and removes a huge administrative burden from your shoulders.

Here are some of the many other ways our staffing agency business model helps franchise owners:

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State-of-the-art technology, deep market intelligence

We’re also able to invest in proprietary technology at a level that franchisees couldn’t on their own. We constantly look to see what we can automate, what we can eliminate and how we can provide things at a lower cost and time commitment to franchisees. Our state-of-the-art platforms drive efficiency and remove friction for you, your associates and your clients.

For example, candidates can complete our entire application process directly from their mobile device, reducing paperwork and administrative labor for them and the franchisee. Better WorkLife Academy is available online for associates at any time. Our website portal and mobile app also allow instant communication, including automated messages that can go out to every associate at once, improving the speed and quality of communication while making it easier than ever before.

Franchisees also have access to extensive data from across the entire EmployBridge portfolio, gathered from our decades of experience in the industry and thousands of clients across the country, providing franchisees with best practices, market intelligence like competitive pay rates and more.

“All of our tools that are available to EmployBridge at large are available to every one of our Remedy franchisees because we’re growing the business together, in every market,” says Bickes.


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