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If you own a staffing agency business, converting to a Remedy franchise could open up a whole new world of first-class resources, advanced technology and incredible potential.

If you own a staffing agency business and you’ve ever toyed with the idea of joining a franchise like Remedy Intelligent Staffing, the pros and cons all boil down to one simple question: Can you grow more profitability as a franchisee than as an independent owner?

Remedy Intelligent Staffing is a well-respected player in the $167 billion staffing industry. Backed by parent company EmployBridge, we have more than 50 years of recruiting and selection expertise.We can make four very compelling arguments for why you might want to convert your existing business into a Remedy franchise.

1. Access to national accounts

One of the most significant advantages is the opportunity to service EmployBridge’s national accounts in your local market.As an independent, you probably have very little access to big clients, because those clients tend to work with national contracts. Remedy and EmployBridge have nationwide brand recognition, and existing national account relationships provide additional revenue opportunities with high-volume clients in your market.

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2. State-of-the-art technology

We’ve invested millions and millions of dollars into our technology, and that’s something an independent agency simply has no opportunity to do. State-of-the-art platforms streamline your business operations, from client development to payroll and billing, and help strengthen your relationships with your clients and your associates.

Our proprietary technology more efficiently matches the right worker with the right job, saving you both time and money. Our award-winning mobile app provides everything from pay notifications to jobsite directions to our associates, which helps boost loyalty and performance.

Remedy’s Better WorkLife Academy helps associates gain new skills through online courses. That expands their potential to match job requirements, gives them the ability to earn higher wages, and increases revenue potential for your business, and all free to both them and you.

“On Day One, the day you move from being an independent to being a Remedy franchisee, you get access to all of our technology,” says Remedy President Steve Mills.

3. Industry-leading workers’ comp and risk management

We have an industry-leading workers’ compensation risk program that not only helps keep costs down, but provides a sophisticated service to safety-minded clients that helps keep our associates safe.

The American Staffing Association and National Safety Council awarded EmployBridge the Safety Standard of Excellence, recognizing our commitment to safety and risk prevention on the job and in the workplace.

We offer the value-added service to our clients by conducting safety audits, based on OSHA standards, of every potential employer. That includes site visits, a review of injuries incurred during the previous two years, an evaluation of the company’s accident investigation procedures, and more. We also alert them to potential OSHA violations that could incur fines.

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4. Immediate cash flow

As an independent agency owner, you’re likely funding that temporary payroll either through your own cash, a line of credit or a third-party service.

One of the most obvious benefits you’ll experience as a Remedy franchise owner is having access to the working capital for your temporary payroll. We effectively provide you with an open-ended, interest-free line of credit for your payroll. By providing easy access to working capital, we simplify cash flow for franchisees, allowing them to focus on growth.

Who we’re looking for

Remedy Intelligent Staffing would love to team up with independent staffing agency business owners who are predominantly in the light industrial space. More importantly, we want entrepreneurs who are ambitious and eager to lessen their risk, grow more quickly and achieve greater rewards.

Are potential gains worth sharing gross margin?

“While at first glance you may think that paying a share of your gross margin to a franchisor is going to reduce your profitability, we believe when you take all these advantages into account, we can not only help you grow your business, we can help you keep your costs down,” Mills says.

Mills wants to encourage independent staffing agencies to do a line-by-line comparison when entertaining the idea of conversion. “When you look at all the services, products, tools and programs that you get as being part of the franchise, we believe it’s a compelling package that can actually improve profitability,” he says. “We’d love to have a conversation. As part of our initial discussions we’ll walk through a model that compares the financial differences.”

We’ve identified 150 locations for franchise expansion nationwide, and we are eager to hear from independent agency owners.

Remedy may not be right for everyone, but for those who see the advantages of coming aboard, Mills says, “we can work alongside those owners and help take them, honestly, to heights they’ve never dreamed of before.”


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