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The experience you need to own a Remedy Intelligent Staffing franchise

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You don’t need a specialized background to start a staffing business. Here’s a look at which professions dovetail well with ours.

A blue highligher pen is highlighting the word “experience.” A partial definition beneath the word includes words like “observing… practical knowledge, skill, resulting in understanding of events participated in.”

Some businesses fall into that Catch-22 of experience: You need industry experience in order to perform well in that particular industry. The same cannot be said of a staffing franchise like Remedy Intelligent Staffing.

You might be surprised to look at the backgrounds of our franchise owners. While it would be more difficult to start a staffing business on your own without some specialized experience, Remedy has been in business since 1965, so we supply you with the framework and expertise you need to launch on a path toward success.

The reality is, your people skills and management skills can be an excellent predictor of success with Remedy. The backgrounds we look for in potential franchisees include:

Salespeople. They jump on a plane every Monday and come home every Friday. They’d jump at the opportunity to own and operate a white-collar B2B franchise that leverages their sales skills without the frequent flyer miles.

Transport managers. Someone who’s dealing with the logistics of a busy transport company can well understand the finer points of juggling the needs of a busy staffing business. You’ll also have natural insights into a large segment of potential clients, and contacts that can help you get off to a strong start.  

Tax professionals. Remedy is the sort of franchise business that complements a tax business because the seasonality of each business complements the other. They can use the same staff for both businesses.  

A smiling man in a business jacket with no tie is shaking hands with a long-haired woman whose back is to the camera while a third person looks on from the background.

Call center professionals. So much of our business is sales- and service-oriented, and good communication skills are key. A professional with call center experience has the tendency to gravitate toward a customer-service focused business.

Accountants/CPAs. Just like a tax professional, accountants and CPAs operate businesses that have a busy season. Much of Remedy’s business revolves around the logistics industry, whose staffing needs spike in the fourth quarter. That makes these two businesses highly compatible.

Executives. Corporate executives typically have the management skills and the go-getter personality required to initiate projects and see them through. They’re someone who enjoys a challenge and is willing to work any position in the office.

How you’ll spend your day

If you wondering what skill sets you might need to open your own staffing business with Remedy, here’s a look at how you might spend a typical day:

  • Cold calling 
  • Face-to-face drop-ins 
  • Local marketing and branding
  • Building relationships with local businesses

As a Remedy franchise owner, you’ll initially focus on building relationships and acquiring clients. An operational manager will be one of your first hires, so that person can handle account management and internal operations. As you grow your accounts, you’ll hire salespeople as needed so you can focus more on client retention. 

Will Remedy work for you?

Could you open a staffing business on your own? You could, but our model not only teaches you how to build a top-notch staffing business in your market, it also allows you to operate locally while having large corporate support (payroll funding, collections, marketing, etc.). This support takes a lot off your plate, allowing you to go out and work on growing the business.

Candidates from a variety of backgrounds can thrive here. We are looking for candidates that are strong in sales and comfortable asking for the deal.

Learn more

To find out more about the Remedy Intelligent Staffing franchise offering, please explore our website. You can also download our free franchise information ebook or fill out the form on this page to start a conversation.

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