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The growing trend in on-demand staffing

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With more people than ever joining the gig economy, Remedy Intelligent Staffing franchise is poised to be a strong leader in the staffing segment

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On-demand staffing has always been the norm in certain seasonal industries including food and hospitality, as well as certain segments of light industrial. But a change in the way people earn their livelihood is contributing toward the growing shift toward a gig economy.

Thanks to a strong economy and low unemployment, employers need services from Remedy Intelligent Staffing now more than ever. It’s a tremendous time to be in the staffing business, as our franchisees can attest.

Here’s a look at some numbers from our most recent Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD):

Franchise Regions with Multiple Locations:

Median gross billings: $10,921,212

Median gross margin: $1,993,674


Franchise Regions with a Single Location:

Median gross billings: $3,202,094

Median gross margin: $615,383

Remedy has more than 50 years of experience in the staffing franchise business and serves 12,000+ clients annually. We issued close to 500,000 million W2s in 2019 providing meaningful employment and opportunities.

The blue-collar worker survey

For the first time in a decade, there are more blue-collar jobs on the market than there are workers to fill them, according to the findings of our Voice of the Blue-Collar Worker survey, the nation’s largest survey of the hourly workforce, which polled over 18,500 workers.

The likelihood of turnover among blue-collar workers is high; 26% are actively seeking a new job, and 30% would be open to a new job if the opportunity presented itself. With permanent positions, the cost of turnover can add up: On average, it can cost $4,659 for one employee, according to the Center for American Progress

Remedy can help employers mitigate those costs through temporary and permanent worker solutions, and employers who work with Remedy franchisees can provide recurring streams of revenue.

“We’re unlike most businesses in that we can potentially do business with every single commercial entity in the country,” says Remedy President Steve Mills. “Whether it’s a one-man band business or the largest company in the country. And once our Franchisees have started working with a company, we have the ability to keep that revenue recurring long-term through adding more people, selling into different departments. Franchisees have virtually unlimited potential for growth.”

How Remedy serves staffing needs

As a Remedy franchise owner, your role is to build up relationships with clients and to recruit and evaluate Associates who will fill jobs for those clients. You will spend much of your time developing your brand as a trusted resource in the business community. And our Remedy leadership team spends much of its time supporting franchisees in whatever they need to build their business. 

“Our franchisees are in the business of staffing. They’re servicing clients, they’re recruiting associates. We’re in the business of supporting our franchisees,” says Mills. “If you look at the key aspects of our franchise offering, we see four critical components:

  • We’re a source of working capital for our franchisees.
  • We pay the temporary workers, we invoice the clients, we collect the receivable.  
  • We provide a market-leading technology platform
  • We provide access to over 300 national, centrally negotiated client contracts.

Additionally, our parent company EmployBridge is dedicated to closing the skills gap in America’s workforce by providing free, career-focused skills development to temporary Associates through the firm’s Better WorkLife Academy.

Learn more about our staffing franchise

If you’d like to learn more about the Remedy Intelligent Staffing franchise opportunity, please explore our website. You can also download our franchise information ebook or fill out the form on this page to start a conversation.

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