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Are you tired of the executive life?

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You’ve got experience. You’ve got dreams. It might be time to explore opening your own business.

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You’ve worked hard to get where you are. Years, if not decades. But maybe you’re tired of the corporate climb. Being the highest-paid employee makes you the biggest mark. You’ll be the first to go. Maybe you’ve even thought of venturing out on your own in the lucrative recruiting sector but have no idea how to start a staffing agency from scratch.

The good news is, you don’t have to know. Someone with executive-level experience at the corporate level is an ideal candidate to become a Remedy Intelligent Staffing franchisee. As a corporate executive, you’re already putting in the kind of hours a business owner puts in. With your own franchise, you get to be in charge of your own income and your own destiny. You can be at the controls and decide where to steer the ship.

This is not just a matter of salary vs. ownership, although many of our franchisees have successfully built up to multi-million dollar levels of revenue. This is a business that truly belongs to you, a concrete asset in which you’re building equity. When your job ends, you’re lucky if you get a severance package or a gold watch. When a business owner is ready to hang it up — and they get to choose when that happens — they can sell their business for a multiple of earnings and walk away with a nice windfall.

You don’t need to know how to start a staffing agency.

As a seasoned executive, you’re bringing skills to the table. Here’s what a Remedy franchise has to offer you:

  • Game plan for starting and building your business
  • Strong business plan
  • We handle all collections and billing
  • National account relationships
  • Extensive operational support
  • Advanced technology platforms
  • Skills training for your associates
  • A fully funded payroll

Part of the joy of joining a proven franchise is leveraging the systems that have already been tested and had the kinks worked out. We are designed to shore you up in areas where you’re weakest while you focus on things you’re really skilled at, like developing and managing client relationships.

Your role as an owner

Your main role as a franchise owner will be to handle the people side of the business. That includes earning new clients and building lasting relationships with them; recruiting and screening associates; administering customer service to both groups; hiring and developing your internal staff; and developing your brand as a trusted resource in the business community. Sales skills, networking and adaptability are key traits for successful franchisees.

The numbers alone should convince you.

We love our numbers. That’s why we’re really open about sharing them. Staffing agencies are in a great demand right now, and Remedy in particular, backed by parent company EmployBridge, is very well-positioned in the $167 billion industry. Here’s a look at how we’ve been doing, based on our latest Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD):

Franchise Regions with Multiple Locations:
Median gross billings: $10,921,212
Median gross margin: $1,993,674

Franchise Regions with a Single Location:
Median gross billings: $3,202,094
Median gross margin: $615,383

We have more than 50 years of experience in the staffing business, and as a franchisee you’ll have access to all our expertise. Remedy serves 120,000+ clients annually and issued close to 500,000 million W2s last year.

Learn more about joining Remedy

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