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Why Remedy is so successful at labor retention

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When there are more jobs than workers, employers have to do everything they can to make their workplace worth staying for. It’s salary, yes, but so much more. As a recruitment franchise whose success relies on supplying the right workers to our clients, Remedy Intelligent Staffing is invested in creating the best possible conditions for our Associates.

Parent company EmployBridge issued close to a half-million W-2s in 2018, effectively making us one of the largest employers in the country. We recently surveyed more than 18,000 American workers from the manufacturing and logistics industries to find out what workers really want.

The top 3 factors that motivate workers to stay with an employer were corporate culture, schedule and training. Our “Voice of the Blue-Collar Worker” survey is believed to be the largest ever conducted on the hourly-worker population.

“For a significant number of blue-collar workers, company culture and the opportunity to learn new skills are top factors in remaining in a job,” says EmployBridge CEO Tom Bickes.

“Employers should be mindful of these incentives, or risk losing good workers.”

Keeping up with what workers want

Building and growing a successful recruitment agency means staying in touch with what today’s workers want and anticipating their needs so our clients can tap into the talent pool their industries require.

Remedy relies on advanced technology to allow Associates to complete applications from their phones, reducing paperwork and administrative labor for them and the franchisee. Our website and mobile app allow for instant communication on things like job opportunities and payroll deposits, making things easier than ever before.

Our Better WorkLife Academy is accessible to Associates at any time, and there they can sharpen their skills in Business English, Workforce Readiness, Welding, Bookkeeping and many more diverse offerings. Online, on their own time, they can utilize this free program to develop the skills that can help them advance and create a better life for themselves and their families.

Remedy firmly believes that people are our greatest resource.

Not just another recruitment franchise

We are passionate about what we do at Remedy. We have honed our business systems over years of trial and error, and we are committed to helping our clients fulfill their staffing needs as well as to closing the skills gap by helping our Associates become better trained for today’s workforce needs.

We also choose the best clients to work with, evaluating their safety records and ensuring they offer fair-market wages and positive working environments to help franchisees attract more qualified individuals.

Learn more

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