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How our technology helps us stand out

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Want to start a staffing agency? A Remedy Intelligent Staffing franchise offers a huge advantage with advanced technology.

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If you were to start a staffing agency on your own, you might well come up with a solid business plan and even some valuable pre-existing relationships. But aside from the economies of scale you clearly get from a Remedy franchise, you also gain a huge advantage by being able to plug into our technology.

Staffing is, at its heart, a people business. But having solid, constantly updated technology provides our Franchisees with the competitive edge they need to get ahead and stay ahead.

Infrastructure comes first

If you build it, they will come, as the old adage goes — but only if they can find it. Remedy provides you with strong digital infrastructure to run your own localized website and local social media accounts, enabling both clients and Associates to locate your franchise more easily.

We’ve heavily invested in technology and we commit to continue doing so in order to help our Franchisees lead the pack.

One big focus, for example, is making it as simple as possible for Associates to move from making an initial application to onboarding to placement. Streamlined apps make it possible to manage the process from a mobile platform.

Rich data collection

As part of EmployBridge, the largest industrial staffing company in the U.S., we benefit from the ability to mine data from a wide group of people. Thanks to a massive database and sophisticated analytics, we’re able to zero in quickly on how to improve processes for our clients and Associates — whether we’re making the applicant flow more streamlined or we’re developing algorithms that look at different variables regarding the behavior of applicants and Associates and using that data to make better placements.

Giving you time to pursue revenue growth

One of the key advantages of our technology is that it removes a number of burdens from Franchisees and their teams. By helping you build a strong roster of Associates, you develop a workforce that you can dispatch faster than your competitors. By providing communications platforms that push out job applications and job offers straight to Associates’ smartphones, you are able to quickly connect the right people with clients. And by allowing Associates to access full pay stubs through mobile apps, you save time processing paperwork. Rather than dealing with constant phone calls, you are able to instead focus on building interpersonal relationships with new Associates and new clients.

Start your own staffing agency franchise

Don’t be alone in your staffing agency business. Join the Remedy family and reap the benefits of a powerful parent company, a large support network and a track record that shows we know what we’re doing and how best to do it. Explore our website or fill out the form on this page to start a conversation.

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