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Why the 4th quarter of the year is our busiest season

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This is the time of year when logistics feels stretched. Couple that with the labor shortage, and it’s Remedy staffing franchise to the rescue.

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Everyone wants low unemployment for the sake of the economy, but it still creates headaches for companies when the demand for labor continues to outstrip the supply. That’s true in a number of sectors served by Remedy staffing franchise, and at this time of year it’s evident nowhere more than logistics.

The logistics industry, in particular, faces challenges because the holiday season in the last months of the year is when their labor needs spike.

“Two-thirds of our economy in the U.S. is driven by consumer spending,” says Keith Wisner, Vice President of Customer & Workforce Insights for EmployBridge, Remedy’s parent company.
“Things for the house, things for the cars, the houses and cars themselves. So when the economy is good and consumer confidence is as high as it has been, people spend money more freely. And when do people spend more? During the holiday season, buying presents.”

That’s when third-party logistics companies companies & manufacturing distributors find themselves hurting. The competition for skilled laborers is fierce, and companies that have a Remedy franchise on their side definitely have a leg up.

How Remedy franchisees benefit

Remedy is a successful staffing franchise because we build strong relationships with both our client companies and our associates. That means we gain a deeper understanding of our clients’ staffing needs and can prepare for those needs accordingly.

With our Better WorkLife Academy, for instance, associates can improve their skills by taking free online classes. Remedy works to help associates identify and achieve their goals and provides them with full benefits and competitive wages. In short, we maintain a dedicated workforce that feels valued. We keep our clients happy by providing the kinds of competent workers they need.

Making our services more valuable for both constituencies leads to increased market share and long-term associate and client retention, which pays off for our franchisees.

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