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EmployBridge conducts largest-ever blue-collar workforce survey

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Our employment agency franchises can help hourly workers with higher pay, more training and better company culture amid record low unemployment

A diverse group of men and women in jeans, T-shirts, work boots and one guy in a tie, pose in a group in a warehouse setting and smile at the camera. One woman holds a hardhat.

In the nation’s largest survey of the hourly workforce, our parent company EmployBridge, America’s largest industrial staffing firm, polled over 18,000 workers in their annual employee opinion survey. In our current culture of low unemployment, hourly workers are overwhelmingly seeking higher pay, more training and better company culture.

“For a significant number of blue-collar workers, company culture and the opportunity to learn new skills are top factors in remaining in a job,” says EmployBridge CEO Tom Bickes. “Employers should be mindful of these incentives, or risk losing good workers.”

For the first time in over a decade, there are more available jobs than workers to fill them. Since that creates increased competition among companies vying for low-wage earners, that’s good news for employment agency franchise owners. Remedy Intelligent Staffing is particularly well-positioned to provide the resources these companies need.

Labor shortage = more choice for workers

Interestingly, while blue-collar workers are more empowered than ever and have a larger choice of employers due to the labor shortage — there are an estimated 7.3 unfilled jobs in America — there’s a 50-year-low labor participation rate.

One reason for the low participation rate may be that while the data show clear pathways for growth among blue-collar workers, those who don’t adapt to the rapidly changing industrial landscape — largely driven by new technology — risk falling behind.

In what is likely a direct response to the rapid technological changes, 95 percent of survey respondents indicated they’d invest regular personal time to learn a new skill; of those, nearly a third were willing to invest at least five hours of personal time a week.

“The survey shows that Americans are hungry for opportunities for skills-building so they don’t wake up one day and feel like their talents are irrelevant,” says EmployBridge Senior Vice President Brian Devine. “The skills gap is projected to keep widening, and trillions of dollars in economic impact hang in the balance.”

It’s the sort of gap that is being remedied by programs like Remedy’s Better WorkLife Academy, where our associates have free access to 21 online courses through Penn Foster to help them excel in their work environment. Courses cover a variety of topics, from Business English to Welding and Machining.

How Remedy is positioned to win

The blue collar worker survey showed the top three factors for remaining in an existing job were a great work culture, schedule and the ability to learn new skills. We build and invest in our relationships with our client companies, ensuring they are worthy employers. We’re committed to safety in the workplace, which means our client companies are as well, and our Better WorkLife Academy helps remove common obstacles to that stable employment relationship between hourly workers and the companies who rely on them.

In this strong economic climate, it makes smart financial sense to invest in a Remedy employment agency franchise. Low unemployment has created real demand for our services, and our strong client-company relationships make our franchises sought after by workers with the right skills.

Our temporary, direct hire and temporary-to-hire staffing services, which focus primarily on light industrial/logistics and clerical/administrative, benefit on all sides from our leading-edge technology.

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