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Remedy Intelligent Staffing Franchise: How our focus on safety sets us apart

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We’ve established award-winning standards that help keep our associates and clients as safe as possible, positioning our franchisees well ahead of the competition.

A graphic with a teal border has a teal and grey logo on the left that reads, “Safety Standard of Excellence,” with a partial drawing of a star in the background; on the right it reads, “An Initiative of the American Staffing Association and National Safety Council.”

Remedy Intelligent Staffing places an emphasis on safety and risk management that far surpasses efforts of competing staffing agency franchises. Remedy protects the bottom line by selecting safety-minded clients, screening them for safety concerns before agreeing to work with them. Once we take on a client, we offer value-added services like safety audits, which help clients avoid potentially costly fines and higher insurance rates. And, our ongoing training and education sessions keep associates safer and less likely to miss work due to accidents.

Our commitment to safety and risk prevention on the job and in the workplace is a major differentiator between us and the competition. If you were to take a look at our largest competitor among staffing agency franchises, you’d see their company employs four full-time safety professionals. EmployBridge, the parent company of Remedy Intelligent Staffing, employs 25 full-time safety professionals.

And our commitment has garnered notice: We have been awarded the Safety Standard of Excellence by the American Staffing Association and National Safety Council.

Safety evaluations protect franchisees’ bottom line

“The safety of our employees begins with choosing the right customers to work with,” says Robert Lewellen, Vice President of Safety for EmployBridge. “We have to be very picky on who we work with from a safety standpoint. Because if we do have an injury there, our company’s going to be the one paying for it. The associates are employed by us.”

Workers’ compensation is the second-highest cost for the company after payroll. And obviously, there’s no cost you can attach to the value of human lives. That’s why we place such a premium on safety, with a large department devoted just to safety and risk mitigation, and our commitment has been recognized by the National Safety Council and the American Staffing Association.

It’s in everyone’s interest to keep workers safe and healthy.

Remedy conducts client site evaluations before taking on a new client to ensure they meet our safety standards. Lewellen says the evaluations include a site visit and a review of injuries incurred during the previous two years as well as accident investigation procedures, safety policies and more. Every new client must undergo the evaluation, and they’re either approved, assigned further evaluation or rejected for insurance reasons.
On one side of the graphic, a photo circle shows a man in a factory setting. On the other side, separated by a black line in the middle, is text is a list form that reads: TRAINING AND SEMINARS |OSHA General Industry 10-Hour Course; 2-Hour Risk and Safety Seminars, Accident Investigation, Developing a Safety and Health Program, Developing a Safety Culture, Ergonomics, OSHA Recordkeeping; Safety Leadership and Communications; DOT Safety and Compliance Seminar; Behavior-Based Safety.

Safety audits protect bottom line for clients; deepen relationships between clients and franchisees

Whenever an OSHA-reportable workplace incident occurs, it’s logged on the client’s OSHA 300 log. The severity or frequency of incidents can lead to OSHA inspections, fines and higher workers’ compensation premiums for companies, regardless of whether the accident involved a direct employee or a temp. “Even though they’re not covering our employees,” Lewellen says, “that’s still part of their calculation and their premiums.”

Our Safety and Loss Prevention Team includes 25 full-time safety professionals strategically employed throughout the country. One of the most valuable services we provide to clients is our mock OSHA audits. We evaluate the client’s workplace the way an OSHA inspector would, identify all the OSHA violations we can, and then compile a report on how much OSHA fines on average for each citation. We also provide solutions for fixing each violation. Such audits improve workplaces and deepen the relationships we have with our clients.

“Last year we did 85 audits,” says Lewellen, who is a member of the ASA’s Safety Committee. “We found 1,870 violations, helping our clients avoid a total average of $5.8 million in fines.”

Safety education keeps associates healthy, part of the workforce

Another value-added service we offer to our franchisees is 10-hour training classes from OSHA Training Institute. In 2018, we conducted 65 classes for 1,238 attendees. “We do that for the franchisees at no cost. They only have to provide the training room, and food and drink if they’re going to provide that.”

The program teaches workers about common health and safety hazards and how to reduce the chances of an on-the-job injury.

Our associates and our clients are our bread-and-butter. Making workplace safety a top priority is just one of the ways we make our staffing agency franchises the partner of choice for both clients and associates.

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