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Industry-leading technology gives franchisees an edge

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From predictive analytics to mobile solutions, our staffing franchise uses advancing technology to improve the bottom line

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At its heart, any staffing franchise is about people. It’s about making connections and forging meaningful relationships. But in 2019, it’s more important than ever to recognize that technology can facilitate those connections and strengthen those bonds. Remedy Intelligent Staffing franchise’s use of the latest technologies to help associates, clients and franchisees is one of the ways we differentiate ourselves.

“We’re embracing evolving technology as an opportunity to help our franchisees be successful,” says Landon Weber, Senior Vice President of Operation Excellence for EmployBridge, Remedy’s parent company. “We’ve got a slate of projects this year aimed at doing just that, and bolstering our foundational elements, while bringing in new technology and moving it into the fold.”

Predictive analytics to help match clients and associates

Remedy Intelligent Staffing maintains an enormous candidate database, and predictive analytics has provided us with the tools we need to make the most of all that information. Using artificial intelligence techniques to learn from job assignment outcomes, we’ve been able to isolate key variables to predict more successful matches between applicants and job opportunities.

We’ve been able to create an algorithm that our recruiters use to instantly identify the best candidates for our clients’ needs — increasing the odds of longer placements that benefit associates, clients and franchisees.

“If a client comes to us with a job order and says, ‘Okay, we need these 10 characteristics from a candidate,’” says Weber, “our algorithm pulls those same key variables that match the job order. It matches them up to put the right candidates with the right jobs.

Mobile solutions

Once our algorithm matches associates to clients’ needs, eligible associates are notified about the opportunity via a mobile app. Associates can claim the opportunity, which makes it incredibly fast to line up the workers your clients need.

That’s not all. Our award-winning mobile app also provides directions, transportation options, protective equipment required, schedule changes, and other information useful for the job. The app also provides payment notifications — a major benefit for associates and one reason associates like working for Remedy franchisees. The app also provides access to courses available through our Better Work Life Academy. The academy is designed to boost the skills of associates so they can qualify for more work at higher wages.

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All of these technologies help with the bottom line for franchisees because they allow Remedy to more efficiently get the right person matched with the right job, Weber says.

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