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How the growth of 3rd-party logistics is creating massive demand for temporary staffing

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And how Remedy Intelligent Staffing franchise owners are meeting the challenge in ways no other staffing agency franchise could.

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As eCommerce continues to gain ground as the fastest-growing segment of retail sale, more people are spending and more products are moving. That requires an exponential amount of labor to keep up with that demand, and Remedy Intelligent Staffing franchises are poised to sell solutions that efficiently and expertly address those challenges.

“I’ve been in this business for 26 years, and there is an unprecedented level of competition for labor right now along with a chronic, sustained shortage of workers available,” says Keith Wisner, Vice President of Customer & Workforce Insights for EmployBridge, Remedy’s parent company.

While it might seem counterintuitive, eCommerce is more labor-intensive than traditional brick-and-mortar retail — and it’s growing three times as fast, Wisner says. That presents a growing opportunity that Remedy franchise owners are poised to benefit from.

“Now you have the perfect storm. It becomes an all-out competition for labor.”

How Remedy can out-compete staffing agencies

Staffing companies will go to all sorts of lengths to compete for that labor. During the Christmas season, for instance, pay rates are often temporarily inflated, and it’s not unusual to see offers of gift cards, free product, flexible schedules — companies will do just about anything to fill the jobs at warehouses and distribution centers so they can keep up with demand.”
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Remedy Intelligent Staffing franchisees build deep relationship with clients so they better understand their needs and can help them anticipate staffing requirements.

We also remain committed to our associates — identifying their goals and skills gaps and providing a path forward to where they want to be career-wise through initiatives like our Better WorkLife Academy.

Remedy provides timely labor solutions for our clients and maintains a dedicated workforce that feels valued and has access to the latest training. Together, these strategies make our services more valuable, leading to increased market share and long-term associate and client retention.

Wide open opportunities

Remedy, backed by parent company EmployBridge, has deep market intelligence and proprietary technology that comprise powerful tools for franchisees. We’re able to offer you a competitive edge you wouldn’t have on your own or with a lesser staffing agency franchise.

We come to the table with 50+ years of experience in a $161 billion industry. If you’d like to join our 40 franchisees and 139 locations nationwide, please explore our research pages. You can also download our free franchise information ebook or fill out the form on this page to start a conversation.

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