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Remedy Intelligent Staffing franchise review: Jim Holwerda of Wisconsin

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Remedy’s opportunity gives Holwerda a satisfying career and a multi-unit investment with big potential

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Multi-unit Remedy Intelligent Staffing franchise owner Jim Holwerda worked as a recruiter, an account executive and a branch manager with multiple other national staffing firms. But when he decided to go into business for himself, he chose Remedy. Now, he has 15 Remedy offices operating throughout the state of Wisconsin. “Remedy has been a great partner, and having a partnership like that has enabled me to focus on what I do well, like building relationships, getting business and growing my team. I don’t have to worry about the back end, because Remedy’s there for me,” he says. “If you’re willing to work hard and roll up your sleeves, the financial opportunity is there for you.” This is his story.

When you first opened your franchise, what was it that attracted you to the opportunity?

My career in staffing has been to build or rebuild offices, and when I had the opportunity to open a franchise it made a lot of sense for me, given the fact that that was what I had done previously. And the ability to partner with a national organization but also make it your own made it very appealing. It was the ability to forge my own path, so it was a very exciting time.

What do you enjoy most about opening and operating your staffing franchises?

Every day is different. I love my team. I love the Remedy brand. We get people, that’s what we do every day. So we have the opportunity to put people into jobs and to affect lives every single day of the week. Being able to provide for those people is just extremely rewarding.

How did you grow your franchise? What was the path that you took to reach the point where you’re at right now?

The path to where we got today I never envisioned. Actually, when I opened my franchise I just wanted to open an office and see where it would go from there. Fast forward, this year I’m hitting my 10-year anniversary and we have 15 offices. We’re going to be opening two more this year most likely. Where are we going? I don’t quite know yet, but that’s the exciting part of it.

You’ve seen so much of the industry. When you looked at the finances, what made you think this was the right financial opportunity for you?

From a financial perspective, quite frankly, I was a little naïve walking into this. I didn’t know what really was expected and what I should expect. Knowing what I know now, it was a great move. The financial opportunity to do well is there, and if you’re willing to work hard and roll up your sleeves, it’s there for you.

What kind of support do you get from the corporate team?

Corporate support has been unbelievable the last few years. We’ve got IT, marketing, accounting. That’s building relationships, getting business and growing my team, and I don’t have to worry about the backend. They’re there for me.


What kind of person do you think it takes to succeed as a franchise owner in this business?

To succeed as a franchise owner, you have to be in tune with your business, you have to be involved, be engaged. You have to love recruiting. Staffing is all about finding and making a match. We’re a matchmaker of jobs. So, you have to love that day-in and day-out — and really, it’s a lifestyle. This is a career, this is everything. We bleed Remedy and if you do that, you’ll be successful.

What does the staffing structure within your franchise look like?

My internal structure has drastically changed as we’ve grown and now I’ve gone from one office to 15. I have an HR department, I have an accounting department, I have a payroll team. I have a sales force of a dozen people. I have over 70 employees. In the next month or two we’ll be at about 80 employees. So, it’s drastically different. It’s not a one-size-fits-all. From that perspective, you’re able to build the way you want and the way I see it going is we’re going to continue building infrastructure, centralizing some functions and then utilizing the technology that we’re given to continue to grow.

What is it about your market that has also helped you grow?

We’re in a very healthy employment market right now. Wisconsin’s at about a 3% unemployment rate, so that means virtually every employer is looking to hire right now. We’ve positioned ourselves to be in the marketplace with 15 offices across the state. We’re positioned where our candidates are and where our clients are. So that’s really enabled us to not only capture on being in that local market, but being able to help our clients from region to region across the state.

What would you say to somebody who’s considering the franchise opportunity?

The opportunity to franchise is a great opportunity, but keep your eyes wide open. It’s a lot of work. Depending on what you want to get out of it too. If you want to really scale like what we’re doing, that takes a lot of effort and you’ve got to have a support structure.

How do you think the industry manages to weather different economic conditions?

The staffing industry weathers the economic conditions very well. Right now we’re in a very long gradual pattern of improvement, and there’s opportunity. So, even if the industry takes a hit or we go through some sort of economic downturn, the contraction in the market will allow us, if we’re a strong player in the market, to continue to gain market share.

What do you think the future holds for Remedy Intelligent Staffing franchise?

I’m excited to see where we’re going. I don’t quite know where that vision and path will fully lead. We’ve gone on quite a journey from one to 15 offices. I think we’ll be 20 to 25 in the next two to five years. It’s a little eager and optimistic, but we have a great opportunity ahead of us and a great partnership that’ll get us there.

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