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Executive VP and CFO Chi Nguyen on the strength of the Remedy franchise investment

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Best-in-class offerings and a growing industry make the Remedy franchise investment a smart choice for the long term

EmployBridge Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Chi Nguyen

Chi Nguyen is the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of EmployBridge, Remedy Intelligent Staffing’s parent company. She plays a critical role in helping franchisees increase their staffing agency revenues and take a bigger share of an immense, $161 billion industry.

With more than 20 years of experience in financial leadership, she’s well-equipped to assist franchisees and the brand as a whole in growing to new heights.

What’s the trend line of your sector of the staffing industry?

The current trend line of the light industrial staffing is up. We’re in a good economy, there’s low unemployment, these are good factors for staffing, and we’re looking forward hopefully to that continuing.

Staffing is a $161 billion dollar industry within just the U.S. alone. The market has been growing more than 2% over the last 10 years and we see great growth continuing over the foreseeable future. We are in the supply chain end markets within the light industrial staffing space, and that continues to grow rapidly thanks to what’s happening with ecommerce, automation and manufacturing – those all give us tremendous opportunity for growth in the long term.

In terms of demand, you have the companies that need workers, but also need the ability to be flexible and ramp up and down their workforce solution. And from the supply side, you have the associates, the temporary workers that might want a full-time, 40-hour-a-week job, or they might want a short-time gig from time to time. It’s a flexible market and we can match supply and demand quite well.

What makes EmployBridge and Remedy stand out against the competition?

It’s really about being a combination of the employer of choice for our associates, and being the provider of choice for our clients.

We’re the provider of choice for our clients because number one, they look for long-term financially stable companies. EmployBridge has been in the industry for over 18 years and we’ve seen significant growth in that time. As a company, we do $3 billion in revenue annually, and we expect to continue to grow.

The financial strength and stability that we bring to our clients is important for them because they want to partner with companies that can be there for them for the long term, supply them with high-quality personnel and invest in both technology and in their associates in order to continue to provide more value to them.

We strive to be the employer of choice for our associates not only to provide them good jobs, but to provide them a better life. The number one thing that we find with associates, they want respect. Number two, they want a stable job. And number three, they want a fair wage. Those are exactly the three things we want for them as well.

One of the things that I think EmployBridge does exceptionally well is bring specialized skills to our associates. Not only are we looking to provide them great jobs with fair pay, we also look to enhance their skill set through the Better WorkLife Academy, which is something that’s unique to EmployBridge brands, including Remedy, and has resonated greatly with our associates. In fact, we’re on track to have 20,000 associates signed up for it in 2018.

Better WorkLife Academy is an online set of courses for associates that we created with Penn Foster, one of the largest online course providers in the U.S. It’s available to our associates at no charge and includes access to hundreds of courses that allow them to advance their skillsets, which makes them more valuable to the clients and helps them advance and earn higher wages.

It helps us bridge the expanding skills gap that our clients are dealing with today while still providing the flexibility that our clients and associates are looking for from a contingent workforce. So it’s not only enhancing the skills for each of our associates and making their own life better, but it’s also addressing a very important need for our clients.

If I’m an investor, why should I open a Remedy franchise? What makes it a strong business opportunity for the long term?

When I think of the Remedy opportunity I think of control, and reward for effort. We offer the opportunity for someone to control their destiny. What makes Remedy an attractive opportunity is that you can operate your own locally owned and controlled business, but backed by the resources of a $3 billion parent company.

For a potential investor in Remedy, the breadth and power of what we bring as part of a $3 billion company is tremendous. In 2017, EmployBridge billed more than 13,000 clients. We actually executed over 164 million billable man-hours in one year. And we’re still growing. Our scale means we can make millions of dollars worth of investments in technology. We launched a mobile app technology which is transforming how we conduct business with our associates, as well as driving process efficiencies in all of our branches.

Our investors get the benefits of that as franchise owners because they don’t have to take on the multimillion-dollar investment – they access all those things that we’re doing to improve our processes across the company.

When you join the EmployBridge family as a Remedy franchise owner, one of the things that I think is incredible is that you get to spend your time really focusing on what matters for your clients and your associates. We do all the other things in the background. We’re dealing with compliance, we’re handling your administration-related issues, and you get to spend your time really building your book of business.

What that really means for the business is the franchisee can wake up every morning focused on really driving value not only for their business, but for their clients and their associates. All the other things, EmployBridge is the resource that takes care of them.

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