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A conversation with Remedy franchisee Lynn Braker

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In her first year after purchasing an existing Remedy franchise, this Lexington, KY, franchisee saw sales growth of 42%

Lexington, KY, Remedy franchisee Lynn Braker
Lexington, KY, Remedy franchisee Lynn Braker

Lexington, KY, Remedy franchisee Lynn Braker had an unusual path to business ownership. She started as a temporary employee at the franchise she would later own; thanks to her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for the business, she quickly became a partner in the business.

In her first year as owner, she grew the business 42%. Learn how she’s still growing the business, two decades later.

What were you doing before you became a Remedy franchisee?

I actually started working with Remedy when I was just 21 years old. I worked for a current franchise owner in the Kentucky market that opened in 1994. I was hired in originally as an on-site manager for an organization, in a temporary role, and then took on a sales role, and learned the business from the ground up, every bit of it, from the top to the bottom.

The business grew fast while I was working in sales, and the owner at the time had been in the business for quite some time. He was planning for retirement, so two years into my adventure with Remedy, we became business partners, and shortly after that, I bought the rest of the business.

I have always watched women business owners, in every role that I’ve ever had, any job I’ve had, ever since I was sixteen years old, and so I think it was naturally in my blood to be an entrepreneur, to give people great employment opportunities and to mentor people to achieve their potential.

What kind of support does Remedy offer you as a franchise owner?

They offer me support in every different avenue of my business. I think one of the biggest advantages is having access to a legal team and a human resource organization. There are a lot of things that come up at a moment’s notice, so the ability to speak promptly with someone who has expertise in those areas is extremely helpful.

There’s sales support, there’s operational support, really, whatever you are in need of, you can find. They’re going to be as involved in your business as you want them to, or not want them to be.

What do you enjoy most about being a business owner?

I like the ability to run my own ship the way I want to run it, helping people and creating employment opportunities.


What are some of the challenges that you face in the industry and how have you overcome them?

We have 55 staffing agencies in Lexington, so there’s lots of competition in the staffing industry. The challenges are just being able to maintain your success and grow on a regular basis. This business changes quite often, so you just have to keep yourself fresh, up-to-date and knowing what types of technology you need to use to better push you forward in the market. That’s a bonus to being part of a franchise organization, because you have lots of people at the helm that are researching and developing those types of tools and services. If you’re just running your own business and you’re knee-deep in it, you may not have those kinds of resources.

What kind of growth trajectory have you seen since taking over the business?

Our first year in business, we grew 42%. I applied a lot of technology to our business that were manual processes and became a lot more aggressive in strategy and our business has grown every year. We’ve increased our volume greatly because we’ve built our brand in our market and evolved our own niche of what we do best, which is get people to our clients faster than probably anybody else in town.

How do you stand out against the competition?

At Remedy, we really invest in the people that work for us. That’s not only the internal people that work for us, but all of the associates we place. Last year we placed 5,000 people in the city of Lexington, and those people know that when they come to Remedy they are going to work for a banner employer in this city. We hand-pick our clients. There are lots of people that we turn away from because of safety issues or low pay rates or the management or the working environment, so when you come to us, you know that we’re going to place you in a great place of employment. 70% of the people that we place come from referrals.

We’ve built a brand by taking care of people. We understand people at their core. We understand their lives, we know what they look like. We know the challenges that they face and we go to bat for them.

What kind of person do you think it takes to succeed as a Remedy franchise owner?

It takes someone who is extremely driven but very humble. I think it takes an extrovert. I do think that you really have to have some type of a sales background to be extremely successful in this business. I have seen all different types of owners, but in this day and age, I think you’ve got to be somebody who’s willing to sell your service 24 hours a day and let people know how great you are. Otherwise, you’ll just do a disservice to yourself. The most crucial part of this business is the sale, because filling orders, believe it or not, is not as hard as people might think.

What would you say to somebody considering opening their own Remedy franchise?

I would say that basically, I live a dream. I think it’s a wonderful business to own. I think it’s extremely profitable and if run right, there’s no limitation on your profitability or the creativity of what you can do in the employment market. And I would say that if you want a rewarding career where every single day you help to change people’s lives, this is the opportunity.

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