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The U.S. staffing industry is antici­pated to grow faster and add more new jobs over the next decade than just about any other industry, even taking into account the recession.

The employment services industry—which is primarily staffing—will add nearly 600,000 jobs between 2008 and 2018, making it the ninth largest job-growth industry in the U.S, according to the most recent Bureau of Labor Statistic  projections.

While total employment is expected to increase by 10% in that period, BLS projects nearly twice that rate of job growth—more than 19%—in the employment services industry. The demand for temporary help services is expected to generate much of the growth.

U.S. Businesses Turn to Staffing Firms

The downsizing of Corporate America has been driving the staffing industry for years. Temporary labor has moved from being a cost-cutting initiative to becoming an integral part of a company’s HR strategy. Businesses rely on the ability to increase or decrease their workforce at a moment’s notice (without absorbing the costs associated with a permanent staff).

So what is the key to the industry?

Temporary staffing provides a solution for:

• The cyclical nature of certain industries
• The need to complete special projects
• Fluctuating shifts
• The reduction of overhead
• The reduction of overtime

For many, the staffing industry has also served as a resource for finding good full-time employees, eliminating the process involved with advertising, recruiting, interviewing, and pre-screening.

The industry also provides choices, training, and a bridge to permanent employment that potential job seekers desire.

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