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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Remedy franchise cost?
The investment required for a Remedy franchise is a fee of $30,000, plus start-up costs to open your
office. Remedy also recommends that six months working capital and living expenses be available.
Remedy is a member of the IFA’s Vet Fran Program and for qualified veterans, the franchise fee is
reduced by 25% to $22,500.

The Remedy franchise fee grants you the right to the Remedy system AND gives you the right to
operate within a brand-protected territory. Modest software licensing fees are also incurred.

When you’ve decided Remedy is among your final choices, and we concur that you meet our criteria,
we invite you to visit Remedy corporate headquarters for a “Discovery Day” to meet our top executives,
and to see our operation for yourself. You will learn more about us, and we’ll get to know you better.
We’ll share with you the things we’ve learned from other successful franchisees. Well before you or
Remedy enters into a formal franchise agreement, we will all be confident in the likelihood of your
success. We also share in the cost of this trip by paying your hotel accommodation and 50% of
your roundtrip airfare.

Call 877-478-4033 to learn more about our experience at predicting success, and how we can be so
confident in yours.

How is Remedy different from its competitors?
Remedy franchisees enjoy one of the most lucrative royalty sharing “splits” in the staffing industry starting with a generous split of gross margin, including on national accounts, that rises with performance. Remedy also offers innovative technologies that surpass the competition. Call 877-478-4033 to find out more.

Do you provide PROTECTED territories?
Yes, the franchisor will not offer another Remedy franchise within your territory.

What about the economy?
Historically, the staffing industry is a recession-resistant business. During Remedy's 40+ year history,
we have been through several economic downturns. Often, there is even greater utilization of
temporary staffing when the economy slows down, and during post recession periods because client
companies are reluctant to make long-term commitments to their employees.

Can I own more than one office?
Yes, in fact 50% of our franchisees have opened multiple offices in their territories and several have created their own lucrative, regional Remedy chains. Also, many have expanded into new territories.
To read about some of these Remedy success stories, click here.

Can I start a Remedy office in an area where I have no contacts?
Yes, the strength of the Remedy system is such that a franchisee can open an office in an entirely
unfamiliar market and still be very successful. In fact, many franchisees use Remedy as a way of
moving to a new area to discover a fresh lifestyle. Since the beginning of the Remedy Franchise
Program in 1988, more than half our franchisees have successfully re-located to start their businesses.

Can I participate in National and Major account business?
Yes, you certainly can. Remedy has an aggressive National Account presence, and you receive a
higher percentage of the gross margin for your participation.

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